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At Bitlogic we think it is important to be reflexive about the reality that women live today in the technology industry and we also want to share with you our experience that, far from being a perfect scenario, represents the result of a long process of work and deconstruction that we have been doing internally among all of us who are part of Bitlogic.

The reality of women in the technology market

According to the study conducted by Córdoba Technology Cluster in Argentina, 73% of the employees of technology companies are men and only 27% are women. Of the latter percentage, only 22% occupy technical roles. (Source: Monitor TIC/March 2023).

Another recent study, conducted by MeT-Women in Technology, shows that "in labor relations in technology companies there are still gender biases that make the Tech ecosystem a hostile environment for the inclusion, permanence and development of people who identify with diverse gender identities and sexual orientations".

The results of both reports, show us that within the technological environment there are great challenges ahead that, in MeT's words, "must be worked on together, institutions and organizations that are part of the Tech ecosystem in initiatives that raise awareness of the problem of cultural change, gender inequality and develop policies and practices that transform this reality."

Women at Bitlogic

Considering the context in which we are immersed, at Bitlogic we felt that we have reach many achievements and we are proud of them. We are currently implementing the following initiatives in order to close the gender gap:

  • We offer extended maternity and paternity leave.
  • Within the hiring process, we make the necessary follow-up to ensure that we always have women among the shortlisted candidates.
  • We monitor internal statistics in relation to gender equity and payment equity.
  • We apply a style manual in all the software products we develop and in their user manuals, to avoid the generic use of the masculine plural.
  • Together with Siglo 21, we work hard on the Women in Technology Seedbed program.

Thanks to our collaborative work, today we have achieved these numbers:

  • Our Board is made up of 50% women.
  • +30% percent of the technical roles are women.
  • Leadership areas have more than 40% women.

For us, all these data are part of a conviction that it is necessary to have diverse teams with gender equality because it is a win-win for all of us who are part of the technology industry.

Today, by having more women, we are adding diversity of thought and different ways of looking at things. Diversity empowers the team, improves analysis and promotes innovation. It enriches the technology sector in general. Women bring the same value as men; we need to break down stereotypes. But to ensure gender equity and equal opportunities, we need to work hard on policies and initiatives to reverse the current gap. Verónica Larralde, HR Manager.

We are convinced that having a more diverse environment gives us a broader perspective. At Bitlogic we are committed to diversity in all its forms: with professionals of different backgrounds, genders, ages, etc. We have also noticed that having more women in our teams makes the work environment better, a lot of hostility disappears and cooperation is encouraged. Edgardo Hames Co Founder Bitlogic.

On the other hand, there are studies that show that organizations with a diverse environment achieve better results. Fundamentally, companies with more female leadership are more successful than others.

Gender diversity in technology companies is a matter of equity and business. Business for companies and industries that boost innovation and profitability by having diverse teams. And business for women and dissidents, who have historically been relegated to precarious areas and roles. Their inclusion in technology implies economic autonomy, the fundamental basis for facing all the other inequalities and violence that, unfortunately, are still in force. Soledad Salas, Founder of MeT.

Being aware that there is still a lot to be done, we decided to launch a small campaign in networks to make this cause visible and to invite the rest of the industry players to work together to improve women's access to technology.

We believe there is a lot to be done to achieve gender equality and we need women to help us. Alfredo Edye, CEO Bitlogic.

There's still a lot to do #BreakingGaps

Belén Di Tella

HR Analyst. Head of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion program Breaking Gaps.