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¿What is Breaking Gaps?

Breaking Gaps is our DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) program designed to foster inclusion and equal opportunities within Bitlogic and contribute to a more diverse tech sector. Our mission is to promote and implement actions that build a more inclusive, equitable, and diverse technology industry.

Our Four Main Objectives:

Create a Healthy Work Environment: Cultivate a supportive and positive workplace for all team members. Achieve Team Diversity and Equal Growth Opportunities: Ensure our teams are diverse and everyone has equal opportunities for professional development. Support and Promote DEI Actions in the Tech Industry: Lead by example and encourage other companies to adopt DEI practices. **Generate Inclusive Actions: **Recognize the tech industry’s role in economic development and address the underrepresentation of women and marginalized groups to reduce economic inequality.

Why DEI Matters to Us?

The technology sector is crucial for global economic growth, yet it often lacks diverse representation. This disparity contributes to economic inequality. At Bitlogic, we believe diversity fuels creativity and innovation. More importantly, we recognize our responsibility to build community and act as agents of social change.


Technical roles

compared to 22% in the local IT sector, as surveyed by the Córdoba Technology Cluster (27.5% across all areas).



compared to 28% in the local IT sector, as surveyed by the Córdoba Technology Cluster

50% of the board are women


3 out of 6 members of our board are women.

Meli Miranda_ Diversity

"It is important to spark interest, inspire vocation, showcase references, promote equity in caregiving tasks so that there is the possibility that more and more women choose a STEM career."

Melina Miranda

Engineering Manager

Vero Larralde_Diversity

"It is important to work on a diverse culture and a healthy work environment for all gender diversities."

Verónica Larralde