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The main objective of our Training Plan is to continuously add value from our own role. But, what does this mean?

A Training Proposal or Plan becomes relevant when it improves people's skills and competencies to: make staff members become more efficient in their job, and make our company gather well-prepared teams with persons who are capable of taking on challenges, which is vital to ensure our competitiveness in the market.

However, the main value we seek to promote with our Training Plans is the **creation, construction and transmission of knowledge inside and outside the organization. **Allowing all members of Bitlogic to become trainers and learning facilitators adds value not only to their role, but to their teams, to the organization and to our community.

In the Human Resources Department, we consider it extremely important to develop a Training Plan that focuses on the business strategy of Bitlogic. This is simultaneously synchronized with the training interests of its members, offering innovating and disruptive instances that motivate them to continue training themselves.

Then, How do we Plan this Training Process?

To conceive our Annual Training Plan, we follow a rigorous process and each step of the planning process is essential to ensure its successful execution.

Survey The first step is to carry out a thorough survey of all the interests and training needs of Bitlogic staff members. This exploration task includes the particular interests of each person, the needs identified by the Engineering Managers of each team and those necessities recognized by the Board of Directors who assess the impact of these training instances on our Business Strategy.

Selection The second step is to evaluate the results of the survey with the Board to reach the final selection of Training Courses that will become part of the Annual Training Plan. To make this choice even more precise, we have designed an Assessment Matrix to rate each training proposal based on the impact it will have on the Professional Development of our Personnel and our Business Strategy.

Proposal After selecting the training courses we make sure to elaborate a Training Proposal with different learning modes, for different roles and positions, so that we assure we reach the entire organization requirements. We include different training options internal and external, synchronous and asynchronous and certifications granted by official entities such as AWS, ISTQB, Scrum Master, Product Owner, among others.

Execution Before presenting the Training Plan, we already know how, where and when each training proposal will be carried out. The only missing part is its implementation. At this stage, we want to ensure that there are spaces for the exchange of ideas, interaction with internal experts and external professionals, availability of various learning platforms to access study material and innovative learning modes.

Monitoring Finally, the last step in the process consists of tracking and evaluating the effectiveness of the Training we provide as part of the Plan. To achieve this, we manage various indicators that give us valuable information. In turn, we assess the implementation of the acquired knowledge, the transmission of knowledge and also to what extent the training courses added value to their role and are reflected in their performance.

In addition, at Bitlogic we create and transmit knowledge in-house. We encourage the creation of different spaces and instances so that each person that works at Bitlogic can share their learning experiences, tell what they do best and what is their contribution to the projects and the company. Every month we organize BitTalks where the staff talk about different topics related to technology, trends, innovation, and ongoing projects. We also develop training cycles on: Front End Tools such as React, Remix; Agile Methodologies such as Scrum 101; Programming Languages such as Golang; QA Tools such as Unit Testing, among others. Every person who wants to drill workmates in their own knowledge has a place in Bitlogic to develop this willingness.

Bringing value to the community

Raising value inside Bitlogic is equally important as adding value to the community we are part of. A way to achieve it is participating in different Training and Employment Insertion Programs. We are currently participating in two Programs promoted by the National and Provincial Governments: Programa de Inserción Laboral en Nuevas Tecnologías -PIL-(Program of Employment Insertion in New Technologies) and Programa Enlazar (Program to provide training in labor and socio-emotional skills to young people attending their last year of secondary school in the Province of Córdoba) . Both programs are aimed at providing unemployed and young people with new Training Opportunities and the possibility of being granted an Internship in companies located in Córdoba city. At the same time, we participate in Internship Programs in which Bitlogic staff become Internal Tutors and Mentors, both for High School and University students. We also work in the development of our own Training and Employment Insertion Programs with the purpose of increasing the hiring of young people, women and other gender identities looking for their first experience in the IT Industry.

Finally, the adhesion to the Ley de economía del conocimiento - LEC- (Knowledge Economy Regime) also reinforces our commitment to the community and our willingness to promote new technologies fostering quality employment, facilitating the development of SMEs and generating added value.

Lessons Learned

To close this article, we would like to present some of the lessons learned throughout this Training Management Journey. We want to continue offering a Training Proposal that allows us to forge a strong bond with workmates, former workmates, colleagues and even clients. We can confirm that what we learned is very enriching! One of the biggest challenges is to design Training Plans with innovative, disruptive and experiential learning modes and techniques that challenge us to overcome limitations and fears. It is essential to plan training courses according to the moments of the day, month and year. It is important to respect the heavy workload of the attendees. For instance, for the sprint or project closing stages, the ideal time to plan the training sessions is September and October when possible.

Our Bitway

Our way of doing things is to challenge your potential, to push the expansion of your capabilities. Bitlogic transforms you: you enter being someone and you leave being someone else. Bitlogic is built by all of us and every day we are reinventing, redesigning and enhancing it.

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